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Brabantia Flip Bin 30 Litre Mineral Pink

Brabantia Flip Bin 30 Litre Mineral Pink

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Brabantia Flip Bin 30 Litre Mineral Pink

SKU BRA 106941


Easy to use - opens at the touch of a finger
Lid does not touch the wall when opened
Easy to clean - removable plastic inner bucket with handles
Available Brabantia PerfectFit pouches with drawstring (code G) - fits perfectly without unsightly overflowing.
Floor protection ring.
Inner bucket in a striking color

Redo the look of your interior

Fantastic on the outside, the FlipBin will blow your mind once opened. Touch the lid lightly with your finger and see how it gently opens on its own. Magic! - the 30 liter FlipBin equipped with an inner bucket of a striking color. Oh, and did you notice the colored border on the outside? A refined design touch!

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