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De Buyer Ø 26cm Steel frying pan CARBONE PLUS

De Buyer Ø 26cm Steel frying pan CARBONE PLUS

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De Buyer Ø 26cm Steel frying pan CARBONE PLUS

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Heavy quality iron frying pan ideal for searing, grilling and browning meat, fish, and eggs...
Lyonnaise skirt enables food to easily slide onto a plate.
Thick heavy quality iron: heats up quickly, uniform heat distribution.
Reaches high temperatures: enables the Maillard reaction and caramelization of juices.
Natural non-stick properties: gradual seasoning of the pan, the more it is used the less the seasoning attaches to the food.
Riveted iron handle: unbreakable. French-style curvature: easy handling and ergonomic grip.
Heat the pan well before cooking.
Seasoning necessary before using for the first time.
Care: deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and oil lightly. Store in a dry place.
Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher.
All cook tops including induction.

  • Heat source - Tous feux et flash four
  • Material - Mild steel
  • Variation - Ø 26cm

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