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Ø 20cm Copper sauté-pan INOCUIVRE FIRST CLASS by de Buyer

Ø 20cm Copper sauté-pan INOCUIVRE FIRST CLASS by de Buyer

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 Ø 20cm Copper sauté-pan INOCUIVRE FIRST CLASS by de Buyer

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With its elegant copper exterior and mirror polished stainless steel interior and cast iron accents, the de Buyer Inocuivre line is the paramount selection in designer cookware.

Crafted with 90% copper, Inocuivre cookware possesses exceptional thermal conductivity and heat diffusion, assuring the highest quality outcome when in use.

The 20 cm saut pan is forged with the utmost care and attention; forged with a single-piece skirt and bottom, the copper cookware distributes the heat quickly and evenly through both the sides and the bottom.

Made with delicate cooking and reduction cooking in mind, this cookware creates the perfect thermal environment, especially when paired with its lid.

Graced with French-style curvature, not only is this pan adorned with ergonomic and comfortable cast iron handles, it possesses smooth continued lines, ensuring all pieces of Inocuivre cookware are exquisite in appearance as well. In addition to a modern, sleek design, the inner stainless steel surface replaces the traditional tin surface, eliminating the need to re-tin this cookware, and facilitating maintenance.


  • Heat source - All stoves and over except induction
  • Material - Copper stainless steel
  • Variation - Ø 20cm

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