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Peugeot Paris u’Select pepper mill Chocolate, 30cm

Peugeot Paris u’Select pepper mill Chocolate, 30cm

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Peugeot Paris u’Select pepper mill Chocolate, 30cm

 SKU PEU 23522


The Paris u’Select 30 cm pepper mill is appealing with its warm colour and its curved silhouette.
With its classic shape and ingenious function, this mill is a natural accompaniment when you are seasoning your meals.

An emblematic item

If Peugeot is known in the world of the culinary arts, it is first and foremost due to its emblematic Paris pepper mill.

The preferred pepper mill of chefs is an essential item from the Peugeot range. Available in many sizes and colours, it is appealing with its slender curved shape, and perfect ergonomics. Easy to use, this chocolate finished manual pepper mill is a practical and functional seasoning instrument. Equipped with the u’Select grinding adjustment, patented by Peugeot, it will help you to easily choose the pepper coarseness that best suits the meals that you have planned. Very fine grind will bring out the spice of the pepper, whereas coarser grinding will highlight its aromas.

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