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Peugeot Révolution Carafe drainer in metal

Peugeot Révolution Carafe drainer in metal

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Peugeot Révolution Carafe drainer in metal

 SKU PEU 240028


The Peugeot Révolution carafe drainer allows for complete drying without leaving a trace. This carafe is a beautiful accessory, effective and reliable.



It's often difficult to find the best place to leave your wine carafe after cleaning it!

Peugeot brings you the solution with the Révolution carafe drainer.

This drainer is the essential accessory for drying your carafe without risk.

It holds the carafe upside-down whilst allowing air to circulate inside, thus ensuring perfect drying, without leaving a trace.

Its spiral-shaped design has been developed to be aesthetically pleasing, solid and ultra stable.

At the same time it is also sufficiently large to be able to use it for a large carafe.

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