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Space Grill



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Incredibly space efficient Thanks to our patented fold down design, SpaceGrill has unrivalled space saving credentials. When stored down after use SpaceGrill takes up almost 70% less space than in cooking mode, protruding a mere 20cm from where it is mounted – be it a wall, other vertical load bearing structure or our portable stand. So when not required, SpaceGrill occupies very little – if any – usable space. Dimensions folded down: W 661mm x D 200m x H 628 mm Surprisingly spacious and versatile Outdoor gas BBQ SpaceGrill When expanded out into cooking mode, SpaceGrill provides what we term a “full sized” cooking area, which measures 640mm x 480mm. And with this much space, it’s is not only suitable for family entertaining, but can easily cope when called on to cater for larger gatherings. The cooking area itself consists of two parts, making it very versatile: a chef-grade stainless steel grill plus a ceramic coated cast iron reversible hotplate – ridged on one side and flat on the other: perfect for searing, sautéing and much, much more, including delicate foods you’d not entertain cooking on the grill section. Think relaxed outdoor brunches or breakfasts – eggs sunny side up, sausages, bacon, and hash browns. Easy to install and move So that you’re ready to start cooking as quickly as possible, SpaceGrill comes completely assembled and is effortless to install. All you need to do is screw the mounting bracket to a suitable location on a wall or other vertical load bearing structure (see diagram). Once the bracket is in place, just lift SpaceGrill onto the bracket, lock it and you’re ready to go. No sweat, no tears. Just take a look.

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