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  1. Royal barbecued pork loin

    Royal barbecued pork loin

    Here you get the attitude of all those flavors on the outside of the pork — smoky, sweet, sour and spicy — with beautifully cooked, silky, untouched meat inside. The contrast is fantastic.

    SERVES 12

    COOKS IN 1H 25m Plus Marinating

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  2. Showroom Kitchen

    Keller Kitchen Furniture

    • Model Leyborne Solid Oak
    • White structured Paint with natural Wood
    • Handle 309


    • Champagne 3 cm
    • 5 cm upstand


    • Frigorífico / Fridge Bosch KIL82AF30
    • Maq Loiça / Dishwasher Bosch SMV58N70EP
    • Exaustor / Extractor Bosch DHI955FX
    • Placa / Hob Bosch PCQ715B90E
    • Microondas / Microwave Bosch HMT75M664
    • Forno / Oven Bosch HBA43S360E 
    • Misturadora / Tap Luisina RC18117 015 Chrome
    • Lava Loiça / Sink : Luisina Berlioz – EV9527 006

    From €22,000.

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  3. How to Store a BBQ and BBQ Equipment

    How to Store a BBQ and BBQ Equipment

    There’s nothing worse than having a fridge full of wings and ribs and discovering that your BBQ isn’t quite up to the job. So what’s the best way to store your BBQ and BBQ equipment so you can be sure your grill is always ready and raring to go when the sun comes out?

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  4. How to Clean your propane Grill

    How to Clean your propane Grill

    Get your grill looking spick-and-span in just 15 minutes.

    The tools you’ll need: work gloves, dish soap, foil, paper towels, a grill brush, a bucket, stainless-steel wipes, and a whisk broom.

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