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Brabantia DRYING RACK TOWER - Metallic Grey

Brabantia DRYING RACK TOWER - Metallic Grey

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Brabantia DRYING RACK TOWER - Metallic Grey

SKU BRA 476648


The Brabantia Tower Drying Rack has an incredible 23 metres of flexible drying space on just one square metre of floor.
It can take two full machine loads of laundry and even long laundry items like trousers.
Just fold it out and adjust the wings - planet-friendly drying is a breeze.
You can even dry delicate laundry flat on its platforms.
Its robust protective caps keep your floor safe.
And when all’s dried and done, fold it for compact storage.
A perfect fit for even the smallest home.
Benefits & Features
  • Spacious - can take up to two machine loads of laundry.
  • For laundry items big and small - adjustable wing height.
  • Space saving - compact size when folded and easy to put up.
  • Easy to move, even when loaded with laundry - with transport lock.
  • No surprises - child lock prevents accidental folding.
  • Suitable for (flat) drying of delicate laundry - with drying platform.
  • Less chance of damage to the floor - robust protective caps.
  • Problem-free use - 5 year guarantee and service.
  • Planet friendly - Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified, Bronze level.
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees.

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