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Plain Spatula Stainless Steel Wooden Bbois Handle

Plain Spatula Stainless Steel Wooden Bbois Handle

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BU 2701.05 - B BOIS Plain Spatula

B BOIS Plain Spatula

Perfect for flipping patties, frying veggies, stirring, turning, transferring and serving.

The B Bois Plain Spatula is designed with contemporary features and a vintage inspired aesthetic.

This beauty is a must for your B Bois collection.

Made from a stonewashed stainless-steel body it can withstand high temperatures while its natural, beechwood handle offers a firm grip that is cool to the touch.

Elegant, durable and functional, use this spatula for frying, flipping and serving in style.

Naturally beautiful, the beechwood handle enables a firm grim that is cool to the touch, while the food-safe beeswax finish offers long-lasting protection.


  • Ideal for use with all types of pans except nonstic
  • Handwash with soap and water
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Material - Stainless steel and wood

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