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St.Steel Round Strainer Ø16 Cm L.37 Cm

St.Steel Round Strainer Ø16 Cm L.37 Cm

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BU 3242.16N - Strainer, stainless steel Ø 16cm


 Use this to strain pasta and homemade milks as well as for rinsing and washing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ideal for sifting flour, sprinkling powdered sugar and draining excess liquid.

This stainless-steel Strainer/Sifter is a versatile tool for cooking and baking alike.

The durable handle is comfortable to use and the tightly woven mesh is perfect for straining pasta and sifting flour.

Designed to include hooks, this Strainer/Sifter will securely attach to a variety of containers and vessels.

Perfect for washing berries, making tea and achieving the perfect powdered sugar sprinkle.


  • Stainless-steel handle, gauze and wire hook

  • Secure fit on a variety of containers

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