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De Buyer

de Buyer Box Of 9 Plastic Plain Square Cutters

de Buyer Box Of 9 Plastic Plain Square Cutters

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De Buyer Box of 9 square pastry cutters in food-grade plastic

SKU BU 4304.30

These boxes contain 5-9 smooth pastry cutters, all with shapes each more original than the last, from squares to moons to stars or even rounded trapezoids. They enable you to make many creations to decorate your pieces.
Entirely in reinforced polyamide fibreglass, sturdy, designed for professional use.
Monobloc design, they are robust and retain their shape.
Thick top rim for easier handling and safer cutting without injuries.
Thin, sharp bottom rim for a clean, easy cut.
Hygienic, the pastry cutters are easy to clean: they go in the dishwasher and can be sterilised.


  • Heat source - None
  • Material - Composite polymer
  • Variation - 9 square cutters

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