Gefu Crème Brûlée Set CARMELLO, Set 5

Gefu Crème Brûlée Set CARMELLO, Set 5

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Gefu Crème Brûlée Set CARMELLO, Set 5

SKU GF 35360


Crème Brûlée Set CARMELLO, 5 pcs. 5-piece, 1 gas burner, 4 heat-resistant porcelain dishes

For caramelizing and browning, cooking „au gratin“ and finishing crusts.

Do it like a pro! With an adjustable fl ame length and fi rm grip, precision is easy.

With stand base and child safety catch.

  • set consisting of adjustable kitchen torch (adjustable fl ame length)
  • 4 oval porcelain bowls (dishwasher safe)
  • porcelain

Attractive crème brulée set for simple and speed caramelizing, browning, finishing au gratin and over crusting.

Cover your cream, flan or cake with a crunchy caramel layer exactly as professional patissiers do. The sugar you scatter on can be caramelized rapidly and exactly with the hot, precisely adjustable flame while the cream beneath remains cool.

The gas burner can be refilled with commercially available butane gas as used for lighters. (not contained in the set).


Q-5 guarantee

GEFU guarantees the quality of its products with a 5 year guarantee under the „Q5-label“. GEFU guarantees to its customers that the products are free of material faults, manufacturing defects and design flaws.

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