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?Kenwood PureJuice Slow Extract Centrifuge

?Kenwood PureJuice Slow Extract Centrifuge

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Kenwood PureJuice Slow Extract Centrifuge



This 150 W power blank model is ideal for crushing and squeezing food, effortlessly separating the juice from the pulp.


Designed to extract all the nutrients from even the most fibrous fruits and vegetables, waste is kept to a minimum with PureJuice. Place whole pieces directly into the feed tube to extract all the juice, while separating the pulp for use in other recipes such as veggie burgers, brownies, cakes or purees.

powerful engine
150W of power, perfect for effortlessly crushing and squeezing every drop of your ingredients.

Container for pulp
Smartly remove the pulp and get only the freshest juice - use the pulp for other recipes.

cleaning brush
Included for easy juicer maintenance and cleaning.

no mess
Keep the kitchen clean with the anti-splash cover, avoid spills and dirt.

extra sieve
The removable sieve allows you to obtain the perfect texture in your drink. Perfect if you like a smooth, smooth juice.


Weight (kg):4.48
Body Material:Plastic
Color:white and gray
Size (LxWxH) (cm):19 x 15 x 41


Continuous juices:yea
Anti splash function:yea


Juice jug capacity (L):1L
Pulp tank capacity (L):1.3L


Machine washable parts:yea
Non-slip feet:yea
Bidirectional rotation:yea
cleaning brush:yea

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