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Microplane- 3-IN-1 CUBE GRATER RED

Microplane- 3-IN-1 CUBE GRATER RED

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Microplane's all-in-one, small-sized Grater Cube redefines the functionality of a traditional box grater as a highly compact, space-saving gadget in your kitchen.

It combines three of the best graters in just one utensil.

With the thin blade, you can grate cheese, chocolate, spices, garlic...

with the thick blade, grate cheese, vegetables, ginger, garlic, truffles, horseradish and much more.

With the Strips blade you can make strips of chocolate, potato or carrot.

In addition, it has a high quality and durable transparent lid, which works as a capture container with 350ml capacity and also as a meter with marks on three sides.

  • Material Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Measurements (cm)8,2x8,2x8,2

Care and Cleaning

  • Just rinse with running water and let dry
  • can also go in the dishwasher

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