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Magimix CS 4200XL kitchen robot

Magimix CS 4200XL kitchen robot

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Magimix CS 4200XL kitchen robot



The CS 4200 XL food processor by Magimix is a 6-in-1 multifunction, as it comes with three bowls that allow you to prepare all your everyday dishes. 

With this robot you can beat egg whites, crush ice, mince meat, mix dough, grind nuts, make juices, slice vegetables and much more. 

A powerful robot capable of mixing, grating, cutting, chopping, beating, kneading and liquefying your ingredients. 

The first bowl is the smallest for processing smaller amounts such as sauces, mayonnaise or baby food. 

This is followed by a medium bowl for slicing and cutting and then the larger bowl for beating or kneading. 

With just three buttons (stop / auto / pulse), the Magimix motor automatically adjusts power depending on what's in the bowl, making it easy to prepare all the food.

 It also has a box where each utensil has its place.

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