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Peugeot Variation Wine carafe

Peugeot Variation Wine carafe

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 Peugeot Variation Wine carafe 

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The Peugeot Variation carafe brings together aestheticism, ingenuity and performance.
This wine carafe offers a beautiful aeration surface to encourage contact of wine with air.


Show off a young red wine at its best, providing a showcase that releases and brings out the aromas.

The Peugeot Variation wine carafe is a magnificent and ingenious instrument of taste.

A result of Peugeot expertise, this wine carafe in hand-blown glass has a striated stopper that performs the aerator function.

The specific shape of the base allows it to take two positions: straight or tilted.

The tilted position encourages rotation of the wine in the carafe.

The undulating form of the base encourages mixing of the molecules of young red wines.

This wine carafe offers a great aeration surface and will bring refinement to your table.

A great idea for a gift to start someone on their wine-tasting journey.

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