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Tritan Pastry Tips for the Tube - Set of 6 by de Buyer

Tritan Pastry Tips for the Tube - Set of 6 by de Buyer

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Tritan Pastry Tips for the Tube - Set of 6 by de Buyer

SKU BU 4129.00

 Set includes 2 plain nozzles (U6 ø8mm - U12 ø15mm), 3 Star nozzles (B6 - F6 - B8) and 1 nozzle Saint Honoré.

This is an ideal set for filling moulds, vegetables or hollow cakes, garnishing... as well as making cream patterns, choux pastries, meringues... with hot and cold preparations.

These one-piece nozzles with their perfectly smooth cone, give you the guaranteed hygiene you know you need.

The reinforced teeth on the fancy nozzles are evenly-spaced to allow high-accuracy work.

The nozzles are roughly 6 cm long, making them easier to position in the bag and giving them better visibility. Their blue colour makes them easy to pick out too. Dishwasher friendly. They fit all types of pastry piping bags and the Le Tube pressure pastry syringe. Dishwasher-safe.


  • Guaranteed hygiene
  • Reinforced teeth
  • 6 cm long
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Made in France

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